Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ahad 14.02.2010...(valentine day)

today is valentine day..this is from my Mr.Hubby
to me.sblm 2 ina nak mention kat sini yea.ina x de niat nak
show apa2 ke or nak berlagak.main focus ina berblogging
utk dijadikan kenangan smpi ke akhir ayat.
bak kata smpi ke cucu cicit le..huhuhu

so ina hope sgt x de org yg view blog ina think
that im a show of person.just i love
to share my memories here.not more then that..

my hubby mmg fhm sgt my taste.he frame kan my
prince photo in black and very nice.
thanks sayang...

and my self mmg this year dah buntu
x tahu nak present hubby is very
simple person.watever it is he will love it.
so i just buy a cake and card for him...

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