Monday, August 23, 2010

birthday celebration at mil house...

hai semua,last weekend balik rumah mil.dah plan nak
celebrate our prince birthday there.see the train cake
on top.cantik x?my dear sister in law yang buat this sil tanya prince suka apa,latest imran love
chungginton kartun.she did her best for this cake..
bila agaknye ina nak buat kek macam nie kan.hahaha

imran demam masa nie semua.. my mil and fil.

semangat papa suapkan im kan.sedap sesangat kek 2.

my sil punye family.she 's the one yang make the cake
for his nephew.and not only cake tau.all the cooking
also dia yang buat.we just tolong-tolong siapkan
bahan-bahan saje.imran would like to say thanks a lot
mami for the cake and the dishes.we all love and enjoy it.

the menu is pudina rice,vegetarian kurma,pepper chicken
couliflower 65,and fruit salad.not forgetten puding..

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