Tuesday, November 30, 2010

tag with an award from love...

heloo to all the aunties.. first of all soryy coz there isn't
any new entry from my mother.she extremely busy
with her chores out there.. (including busy with me)
but dont worries aunties,
at least 2 weeks one a new post will .till then
a sweet kisses from me!!!!

1. Nick Name Tuan punya Blog :

2. Ucapan untuk pemberi Award :
i would like to say thanks a lot to love2cook for this lovely award.walaupun x secantik blog-blog rakan yang lain but at least teruja juga tergolong dalam list nie.

3. 6 Artis kegemaran/ Singer/ Group :
actually memang ada artis kegemaran tapi x ramai sebab dah jarang tonton tv.but i love most of the 80's songs.(tamil)

4. Tag 10 Blogger yang terpilih :
bab nie ina let go.ina tujukan to all my friends yang datang singgah ke 'rumah' ina nie.all the bloggers...

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